Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On October 10, 2012 the Annex 6th and 7th graders took their 1st PC Wet field trip of the year.
Our Site is Mill Creek.
We had 15 students.
Mr. Utgaard and Mrs. Schrock took lead of this group.

There are 4 data sheets that we fill out and turn into Illinois River Watch
1. Stream Clean-Up. Examples: Collecting trash around the site area and classifying it into groups.
2. Chemical Survey. Examples: Water Testing- Nitrates, Nitrites, Dissolved oxygen, PH,    Temperature, Coiliform, Turbidity
3. Stream Sketch- Observing and drawing  the site's surroundings
4. Biological Survey- Investigate and identify microrgansims
5. Phycial Survey- Weather conditions, make up of stream

The day was chilly but a great start to PC Wet.

The day ended with a trip to McDonald's for lunch :)